What to see in Eugene

Eugene has spectacular museums and a vibrant atmosphere, as one of the three largest cities in Oregon. Yet nature still encompasses the cityscape, and the town is easily reached by walking paths or nature hikes from the lush parks. To visit Eugene, get in touch with allegiant airlines reservations or visit the allegiant airline's official website.

Alton Baker Park

Eugene is separated from Springfield by the ambling Willamette Canal. Visitors can visit the Alton Baker Park, the city's largest park, along its banks through bicycle paths and other recreation facilities.

Paved roads stretch to the borders of the park with cycle lanes on either side of the river. Pre's Trail is a famous traverse and running path in the park just over four miles, named after hometown hero Steve Prefontaine. The Willamette is an popular attraction for kayakers as a nationally recognizable waterway.

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

The Jordan Schnitzer Art Museum at Eugene University has many American, European, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese art, constructed without window panels for preserving the treasures inside.

The concentrate is on Asian art, but it also encompasses the Northwest Pacific, including Oregonian artists, and European artists. Sample works, items on leases, or moving shows, are changed from the permanent collection. Public tours are available free of charge on Saturdays, and visitors may order a guided tour.

Hult Center for the Performing Arts

Every year, from jazz to opera, all manner of entertainment can be found here. The Eugene Ballet Corporation, Eugene Concert Choir, Eugene Opera, and Eugene Symphony are among the resident companies that call the venue home.

In addition to performing arts, the center can be found throughout the building, both houses permanent and temporary art collections. There are several various paintings on the mezzanine and the lower floor of the balcony.

Saturday Market

The Saturday market is considered one of the best venues every Saturday from April to mid-November. The Saturday Market blends Eugene's many tastes and styles, combines local craftsmanship, live music with globally influenced cuisine. It is situated in the city center, sometimes surrounded by other city activities and is an excellent place to start a cultural weekend.

Museum of Natural and Cultural History

At the museum of natural and cultural history, the university's anthropological, zoo, and paleontological specimens are among the many touristic attractions on campus. The museum delves into fossils, preserved animals, pictures, and the region's natural and cultural history.

Other permanent exhibitions provide in-depth observations into the environment and state-defining habitats. There are also several activities and seminars in the museum, including day camps and Free First Fridays.